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About Us

Hail The Tree

At woondulla we believe we can all still enjoy great products without harming the planet in the process and it is this belief that inspires us every day to design, manufacture and sell products that are Truly Eco Friendly. 

Our planet is in crises like never before. Climate change, environmental damage and excess use of polluting materials like plastic are destroying the place we call home. As people, we all love our consumables and products, but the choices available to us are often not sustainable or environmentally friendly. At woondulla, we decided to do something about this and offer people a truly eco-friendly choice. In November 2019, woondulla was formed with a bold motto, to be “Truly Eco Friendly”.

This means putting the environment at the heart of all of our products. From concept, design, manufacture, distribution, use and disposal, our customer and the environment come first.

Taking this whole of life view often means going against the status quo resulting in significantly more time and thought going into every single one of our products to ensure they are Truly Eco Friendly. Being a green company is not easy, but we are determined to do the hard work, so our customers don’t have to. Buying from woondulla means you’ve made a great, sustainable choice that is good for our planet!

It’s time to join the fight back against climate change and the destruction of our environment. Buying sustainable, eco friendly products makes an enormous difference to our world and here at woondulla we want to provide our customers with that choice so they too can contribute. Saving the planet will be the challenge of our generation and at woondulla we believe we can do it!  

Based in the US, UK and Australia, woondulla is a small company with big ideas. We want to enhance the presence of eco friendly products in all marketplaces globally and envision a world where well thought out, sustainable products are the norm and not something special.

So, what does woondulla mean? It means “tree” in the language of the Queensland Aborigines, a native people from Australia who sustained their environment for over 50,000 years. They serve to remind us of the true definition of sustainability and where our world needs to get to with being Truly Eco Friendly.

Our Mission

"Our mission is to design, manufacture and sell products that have a positive impact on our natural environment and be a world leader in eco-friendly products."

Eco Friendly Credentials

We are proud to be certified and licensed with the FSC as a retailer for all our products containing wood or paper. We actively support sustainable forests and will only ever use FSC approved materials.

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